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i'll take five thousand 

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crying baby noises  1d  one direction  zlot 


do i believe in love at first sight? absolutely. i fall in love with every dog i see

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The Leftovers Official Teaser [Coming to HBO: June 15th]

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SO EXCITED  the leftovers  damon lindelof  tom perrotta 


You know what time it is.

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i'm offended no one linked me to this  snl  anna kendrick  dongs 


Game of Thrones S04E01

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the only gif i wanted fronm last night  game of thrones  game of thrones spoilers  got spoilers  spoilers 

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neko case  this tornado loves you 

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life affirming shit 

You don’t want to wake up, do you?

Under the Skin (2014)

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i........ think i liked it?  i didn't NOT like it  i think i liked it  music is astounding  mica levi  jonathan glazer  scarlet johannson  under the skin